This is a print of the Warrior Yorimasa from the Noh Play YORIMASA

“A traveling priest stops at Uji” (a summer resort area, famous for its magnificent green tea) “he is admiring the view when an old man approaches. After telling him about various historical spots in the neighborhood, leads him to Byodo-in” (a very famous temple in Uji). “There he shows him a patch of turf cut in the shape of a fan to commemorate the warrior Yorimasa who laid his fan down and killed himself there after being defeated in battle. Revealing that he is the spirit of the warrior, he then disappears. After the priest has prayed for the repose of his soul, Yorimasa comes to him in his true form and tells him about the battle. He asks the priest to continue to pray for him and again fades from sight.”

This entire synopsis was taken from: A GUIDE TO NO, YORIMASA, by P.G. O’Neill.