This is a print of the dragon-god from the Noh Play "ME-KARI".

A priest must gather seaweed the last day of every year as an offering at his shrine. Generally this is not a difficult task. But, Hodemi, who is the land god, marries Toyotama, daughter of the Sea God, perfect match it would seem. Well, Hodemi, was asked not to look at his wife while she was giving birth, and, of course, does. Daughter and daddy are very upset about this. They go back to the sea and the sea is forever shut off from land. But, because of the poor priest and this very special seaweed gathering ceremony, the dragon-god and his daughter come forth, the waves recede and the priests is able to gather the seaweed. Hurrah, Hurrah, all is well and harmony rains again. WRONG, they are still in a snit about Hodemi's curiosity, so they take out their anger on everyone far and wide, return to the sea and close everything up again.

I took much of this synopsis from: A GUIDE TO NO, ME-KARI by P.G. O’Neill