This is a print of the angry, raging spirit of Lady Rokujo from the Noh Play, Aoi-No-Ue, a play about jealousy, rage, hatred resentment and exorcism.

This print shows the spirit of Lady Rokujo, about to gather together her raging, jealous and vengeful powers in order to strike out at the temple priest who is trying to do an exorcism. This spirit is madder than hell and is not going to take this perceived injustice any more, or so she thinks.

Why did all this happen you might wonder. It’s the age old story, the ever so dashing Prince Genji, who gets all the babes, has dumped Lady Rokujo one of his earliest lovers, for his new love Lady Aoi, and to add insult to injury, he marries her. Lady Aoi, is usually represented on stage by a folded robe. One might think that Lady Rokujo would take out her rage, anger, jealousy and hatred on the every so dashing Prince, who dumped for another, but no, she's out to ruin the life of his wife.

In the historic days of Prince Genji, what does the poor Lady Aoi do about this vengeful spirit. This raging female spirit out to do her in. You would immediately give your local temple a call and a Priest would be immediately dispatched (particularly since you are part of the Royal Family). Then, he would wait patiently until the evil spirit appears, subdue it through his absolutely amazing powers of incantation and everyone would live happy every after, except, of course, Lady Rokujo.

The basis of my embllished synopsis is from: A GUIDE TO NO, AOI-NO-UE, by P.G. O’Neill and from Ms. Rebecca Teele of the International Noh Institute.